1 child: 1099 SEK/month, 13 188 SEK/year
2 children: 1 399 SEK/month, 16 788 SEK/year
3 or more children: 1 499 SEK/month, 17 988 SEK/year

For those who signed up before 18/9 2017 the old prices apply.

Several children under the same membership
The membership includes one to six children who are at the same address. You only pay full price for the first child and with each child added to the membership there is a significantly discounted price. You can choose to pay monthly by direct debit (Autogiro) or the entire membership fee in advance by invoice. The member who stands as a subscriber (customer) and who is responsible for payment of the subscription does not need to be a parent of the children. It can e.g. be a grandmother or grandfather.

You can read the conditions of Martina's membership here.

How to become a member
If you decide to become a member of Martina Children's Hospital, you are welcome to choose any of the following possibilities to do so.

  • Become a member and visit us today. Call 08-120 231 10.
  • Order membership by completing the electronic form below. We send direct debit (Autogiro) request or an invoice by mail within a day. Order here.

General Q and A

The most common questions about Martina´s Membership

What is the difference between Martina's Membership and a children's medical health care insurance?
Martina's membership:

  • Gives access to all the medical services that the hospital offers at the minor emergency ward as well as the pediatric departments
  • Includes medical care services that cover the most common complaints children usually suffer, both in need of emergency and examination
  • You have direct contact with Martina in all cases
  • No health declaration is needed and no exceptions are made for known chronic diseases

A children's health care insurance:

  • Includes more services than what Martina's membership provides - an insurance policy covers e.g. regular surgeries, all laboratory tests and hospital care
  • Does not always include the medical care services at Martina's minor emergency ward (only some insurance company offers that)
  • You always need to go through the insurance company, e.g. before you can book an appointment
  • Health declaration is generally needed and exceptions are made for known chronic diseases

Is Martina's membership a medical health care insurance?
No, membership has an annual access to Martina's medical care services.

What happens when the membership expires after the first year?
If you choose to pay monthly direct debit (Autogiro) the membership continues as usual and the money is deducted from your account each month. If you paid the full amount in advance, before your membership expires you will receive an invoice.

How do I cancel membership?
The first year, membership has a fixed term of one year. If you want to cancel it after one year, you can do so in writing no later than 14 days prior to the termination of membership. If you do not cancel your membership in time, it can still be terminated in writing, but this time at three months notice. If you have any questions regarding membership termination contact your account manager Anneli Degardh 08-120 231 23 or at

When does the membership become valid?
If you choose to pay for membership by invoice, once you fill out the application. If you choose to pay monthly by direct debit (Autogiro), we need to receive your Autogiro request prior to membership validation.

If I sign a membership, do I need to continue to go to the children's clinic?
Yes, Martina's membership does not include e.g. BVC vaccinations and health check-ups.